Nitto - Neo Gen
Engineered for Lowered Vehicles. The Neo Gen ® is an all-season ultra-high performance radial specifically engineered for lowered vehicles. Because the inner shoulder is one continuous block, the tread maintains stability on lowered vehicles with higher degrees of negative camber. This stability reduces tread flex and allows the tire to wear more evenly. The result is a tire with prolonged performance on lowered vehicles.

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BW 94W N 25.08 225 280AAA 50 147750 10
Sidewall Load & Speed
Run Flat Overall Tire
Rim Width
UTQGL Max Tire
  • Improved tread life
  • Reduced wear-
  • Enhanced cornering
  • Superb wet performance
  • The inner shoulder is made from one continuous block, which adds stability and prevents tread flex. By preventing tread flex, the tire wears more evenly, even on vehicles with negative camber, resulting in longer tread life.
  • Traditional sipes improve traction by cutting though the thing film of water on the road, but they can also weaken the tread block and allow tread flex. The Neo Gen's 3D Multiwave sipes are cut into interlocking ripples instead of straight lines so they provide exceptional wet traction while solidifying the block to help reduce wear and prolong tread life.
  • The large outer shoulder blocks are designed to optimized surface contact and provide outstanding traction while cornering.
  • Deep circumferential grooves work in unison with the slanted three-dimensional tread blocks to evacuate water to help maintain contact with the road and provide superb wet traction.

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