Continental - ContiCrossContact LX
Continental ContiCrossContact LX Tires are luxury performance tires designed to provide an exceptionally quiet, smooth ride and excellent response and handling for enhanced control when maneuvering and braking. An asymmetric tread on this truck tire and SUV tire provide great control for the driver. Unique Acoustic Alterra Technology ensures a smooth and quiet ride. Special Tri-net silica tread compounds promote long tire life and even wear for superior handling even after much wear has occurred.

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  • Asymmetric tread design
  • Tri-net silica tread compound
  • Spiral-wound, jointless cap plies
  • Acoustic Alterra Technology
  • Interlocking sipes
  • Positively effects traction, handling, and wear
  • Supports enhanced traction in dry, rainy, and winter driving conditions
  • Create a smooth, responsive ride
  • Minimizes noise and provides a comfortable ride
  • Excellent handling and stability

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